About Me

Hello! I bake and cook easy sweet and savoury recipes, usually with minimal and inexpensive ingredients. You'll find that the majority of recipes are 10 ingredients or less (not including salt, pepper, and oils since they are pantry staples), 30 minutes or less, and/or one-pot (pan, sheet, bowl) recipes! :) 

I gather recipes that I find online, in cookbooks, in magazines, and from friends and family. Along the way, I have also started developing my own recipes. I test them out and the good ones end up on this blog. 

I live in beautiful Alberta, Canada with my husband, Scott and dog, Teddy. Check out his Instagram! 

When I am not making a mess in the kitchen, you can find me at the dog park, checking out local events and attractions, and when I'm lucky, travelling and eating diverse tasty foods.